Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bullys? Sadly. Yes.

Hurtful words? Mean comments? Gossip? Name calling? It ALL leads to pressure, pressure nobody should live with. You say your just joking? Are you really? There is truth behind EVERY joke. It isn't even a joke. As student, well not even a student, anyone.. Our social life is EVERYTHING to us. Are you one of those people that walk out of the house everyday wondering if what your wearing will be "cool" enough for your so called "friends" that day? One of the people scared to go to school because of the mean comments you get? There is NOTHING wrong with being you. All these things lead to one subject, it is bullying. It is NEVER okay to bully ANYONE. It leads to terrible things. When you bully, your hurting yourself also. We need to stop bullying. Everyone is special in there own way. STOP BULLYING. Be yourself. Lets stop this problem all together.